Directors Profile

Dalal Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. Muhammad Siddique Dalal

Shareholdings: 5.975M of 10M Shares (59.70%)

  • CEO of Dalal Securities
  • KSE demutualization committee
  • Fellow Member of ICAP (FCA 1971)
  • Affiliated with KSE since 1958

  • Mr. Muhammad Siddique Dalal CEO Dalal Securities (Private) Limited is a fellow member of Chartered Accountant (FCA) besides his long experience overseas in the field of Finance, Budgeting in a large International organization based in Jeddah over 40 years including his long experience of 24 years as a CEO M/s Dalal Securities (Private) Limited since 1995.

    Mr. Muhammad Shoaib

    Shareholdings: 4M of 10M Shares (40%)

  • Director at Dalal Securities
  • CEO at Valitex (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Muhammad Shoaib a Master of Business administration degree in International Relations from the university of Chicago U.S.A. is a Director of the company. He has over 14 years experience as an equity broker to his credit. He also Chief Executive with M/s Valitex (Private) Limited having experience 10-years a textile waving units.

    Mr. Ali Fawad

    Shareholdings: 5k of 10M Shares (0.05%)

    Mr. Ali Fawad is graduated from Cambridge University with degree in BA-Economics 2017-2020. He got the experience as "Pricing Analyst from a Consultancy firm in London "Pearson Ham" during 2020- 2022.He is a Director of the company. He has working with us as an investor as well in our Marketing sector for 3 years. He has enough experience knowledge capital Market. He also Director with Al-Karam Textile Mills (Private) Limited Marketing Division Since 2022.

    Mr. Asad Fawad

    Shareholdings: 5k of 10M Shares (0.05%)

    Mr. Asad Fawad is graduated from University of Southern California with degree in Business administration and Management in 2022. He is a Director of the company He has working with us as an Operational department as well other departments of our company. He got the working experience as "Associate Sourcing Manager "in Williams-Sonoma, Inc. He is currently serving as Director in Al-Karam Textile Mill.

    Mr. Adil Siddique Dalal

    Shareholdings: 20k of 10M Shares (0.20%)